Royal Worcester

Royal Worcester King Charles Spaniel on a Cushion, Dated 1901

Royal Worcester porcelain figure, dated 1901. Finely and charmingly modelled as a King Charles spaniel, lying upon a large, gilt tasseled cushion. The Spaniel painted with tan colored spots.
Green printed factory marks, and date code for 1901.
Measures: Length 4.7 cm, 1 7/8”.
Height 3.5 cm, 1 3/8”.
Depth 4 cm, 1 1/2”.
Condition: Excellent. No damage. No restoration.

Medium: Porcelain

Height  3.50 cm, 1"
Width  4.70 cm, 2"
Depth  4.00 cm, 2"

Condition: Good


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