Niderviller Porcelain Manufactory

Rare Niderviller Faience Figure of a Lion, circa 1780, Count Custine Period

Rare Niderviller Faience figure, Count Custine period, circa 1780. Finely modeled as a standing lion, the head and mane being particularly well defined, along with an incongruously long tail.
Set upon an irregular mound base, the painting of the grass in characteristic Niderviller style.
Puce interlaced ‘C’s and dots mark in puce and impressed marks to the base,
Measures: Length 12 cm, 4 3/4”.
Height 10 cm, 3 7/8”.
Depth 6 cm, 2 3/8”.
Condition: Perfect. No restoration.

Medium: Faience

Height  10.00 cm, 4"
Width  12.00 cm, 5"
Depth  6.00 cm, 2"

Condition: Good


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