Bronze Study of a Native American Brave, Joseph Drischler

Josef Drischler (1838-1917). A fine gilt bronze study of a Native American Brave, with his right hand raised to screen the Sun, whilst he stalks his prey. He holds his bow and arrow in his left hand, whilst he moves, bare footed, over a grassy mound base.
Set upon a marble base.
Signed - J. Drischler.
Inscribed - Aktien - Gesellschaft vom Gladenbach & Sohn.
Measures: Height 26 cm, 10 1/8”.
Width 18.5 cm, 7 1/4”.
Depth 10 cm, 3 7/8”.

Medium: Bronze

Height  26.00 cm, 10"
Width  18.50 cm, 7"
Depth  10.00 cm, 4"

Condition: Good


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