Chinese Bronze Guanyin, circa 1600, Ming Dynasty

Chinese bronze figure of Guanyin, circa 1600, Ming dynasty. The goddess’ face is cast with a contemplative expression, beneath a five part crown, and she is seated in padmasana with hands in vitarkamudra. Wearing a beaded necklace and girdle, she seats upon a double lotus base, with flowering lotus stems rising to her shoulders.
Traces of red lacquer within the recesses.
Measures: Height - 20.2 cm, 8”.
Width - 10.5 cm, 4 1/8”.
Depth - 6.5 cm, 2 1/2”.
Condition: Typical wear commensurate with the figures age. No breaks. No repairs.

Medium: Bronze

Height  20.20 cm, 8"
Width  10.50 cm, 4"
Depth  6.50 cm, 3"

Condition: Good


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