Kakiemon Porcelain Teapot and Cover, circa 1680, Edo Period

A fine Arita porcelain teapot, decorated in the Kakiemon style, late 17th century, Edo period.
The hexagonal, moulded, lobed body enameled in the Kakiemon palette with flowering plants in each panel painted in blue, green, and iron red below a continuous iron red lappet border. The handle and spout painted with karakusa scrollwork in turquoise and green enamel.
The cover similarly painted with flowers and leaves, and surmounted with a bud finial, pierced with a hole to allow steam to escape.
Height - 9.5 cm, 3 3/4”.
Width - 13.5 cm, 5 1/4”.
Depth - 9 cm, 3 1/2”.
Condition - Handle re attached. Typical wear to the enamels, and firing faults.

For a similar teapot, see Soames Jenyns, Japanese Porcelain, London 1971, pl. 59A. Jenyns attributes this form to the Empo/Jokyo Period (1673-1687) of the Edo era, describing it as Arita ware with Kakiemon enamels. Jenyns states also that: 'One of the most interesting Japanese forms is that of the Kakiemon tea pots with the body divided into lobes like that of a cantaloupe melon'.

Medium: Porcelain

Height  9.50 cm, 4"
Width  13.50 cm, 5"
Depth  9.00 cm, 4"

Condition: Good


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