Wedgwood Black basalt bust ‘Wesley’, c. 1830.

A Wedgwood Black basalt bust of John Wesley, c. 1830. Finely modelled, wearing robes, and set upon a spreading circular socle.
Impressed ‘WESLEY’ to the reverse.
Impressed ‘WEDGWOOD’ and ‘E’ to the reverse of the bust, and to the socle.
Height - 21 cm, 8 2/8”.
Width - 14 cm, 5 1/2”.
Condition - Perfect.

Medium: Earthenware.

Signed/Inscribed: Impressed ‘WEDGWOOD’ ‘E’, to the bust, and the socle. Impressed ‘WESLEY’ to the bust.

Height:  21 cm, 8.27"
Width:  14 cm, 5.51"

Condition: Perfect.


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