Staffordshire pottery figure. Richard Cobden, c. 1840.

Staffordshire pottery figure, c, 1840, Richard Cobden (1804 -1865). Modelled, seated and holding a scroll, and wearing a cobalt blue jacket. His left foot resting upon a stool, whilst a cornucopia of corn and fruit rests to his side. Set upon a square base, with impressed title ‘R.COBDEN’, heightened in gilt.
Alpha factory.
Height - 19 cm, 7 1/2”.
Width - 8.5 cm, 3 3/8”.
Depth - 8.5 cm, 3 3/8”.
Condition - Perfect. No restoration.

Literature: Richard Cobden (1804-1865), rose to become an MP in 1841, after being a founder member if the Anti Corn Law League in 1838. He became an influential figure in the pursuit of free trade, and in 1860 was responsible for successfully arranging a commercial treaty with France.

Medium: Earthenware.

Height:  19 cm, 7.48"
Width:  8.50 cm, 3.35"
Depth:  8.50 cm, 3.35"

Condition: Perfect. No restoration.


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