Richard Whitford (1821-1890) - Prize Hereford Heifer.

Richard Whitford (1821-1890). Oil on canvas of a Prize Hereford Heifer, within a landscape, with a village in the background.
Signed & dated - 'R.Whitford 1874'.

Literature: Richard Whitford - born in Evesham, Worcester in about 1821. At the age of nineteen, in 1841, he became an excise officer, and was ‘qualified for surveying Common Brewers, Victuallers, Maltesers, Soapers, Brickmakers, Papermakers, Postmasters, Spirit Dealers and Retailers’ and was posted to Manchester. He was dismissed in 1848 for alleged embezzlement and returned to Evesham. At some time, he obviously decided to become a painter, and the first dated picture by him seems to be a composition of a bay hunter in a stable painted in 1855. He was still living in Evesham until 1881, when he moved to Cheltenham. By mid 1885, he had relocated to London, and died there on 19th January 1890 aged 68.

Queen Victoria owned paintings by Whitford, at Shaw Farm, Windsor, but these were subsequently dispersed. Accordingly, the legend, ‘Animal Painter to the Queen’ was inscribed below the artist’s signature on some pictures painted in the 1860s and early 1870s, although there are no records of any particular commissions.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Signed/Inscribed: R.Whitford, 1874.

Height:  50 cm, 19.69"
Width:  59.50 cm, 23.43"

Condition: Re lined. Otherwise in excellent condition. No restoration.


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