Meissen porcelain figure of a Huntsman

A Meissen porcelain figure of a Huntsman, c. 1740. Finely modelled as a man in Eighteenth Century costume, including a fur lined coat, holding a gun in his left hand, and game in his right; carrying a game bag over his shoulder. Standing upon a gilt rococo scroll moulded base. The unglazed base, with faint traces of a blue mark, and having a blow hole.

Medium: Porcelain

Signed/Inscribed: Faint traces of a blue Mark to the base.

Height:  16 cm, 6.30"
Depth:  5.50 cm, 2.17"

Condition: Gun barrel re attached. Repair to his left thumb, and ducks head and wing. Minor chips. Otherwise in oerfect condition.


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