Kutani porcelain koro in the form of ‘The Takarabune’. Meiji Period.

A fine and unusual Kutani koro, Meiji Period (1868-1912). Modelled as The Takarabune, the pierced detachable sail forming the cover, and is exquisitely painted to one side, with the Immortals, amongst joyful karako children, the reverse with numerous cranes flying above turtles.
Upon the deck rest the attributes of the Immortals, and other treasure, moulded in high relief.
Painted fish and crustacea adorn the side of the ship, above crashing waves, on s gilt ground, beneath a large gilt tassel tied to the prow.
Signed - 九谷、酢屋製、松花堂画 "Kutani, Suya sei, Shokado ga".
Height - 24 cm, 9 1/2”.
Length - 19 cm, 7 1/2”.
Condition - Excellent. No restoration.

Medium: Porcelain

Signed/Inscribed: 九谷、酢屋製、松花堂画 "Kutani, Suya sei, Shokado ga".

Height:  24 cm, 9.45"
Width:  19 cm, 7.48"

Condition: Excellent. No restoration


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