Japanese Shibyama Ivory vase. Meiji Period.

A Japanese Ivory ' Shibyama' inlaid vase and cover, c. 1890. Meiji Period. The vase with a continuous depiction of cranes amongst trees and flowering plants. Various shades of raised gilt lacquer, mother of pearl and various hard stones have been used to create the scene.
The hardwood cover thoughtfully worked to create a night scene of cranes flying before a silvered moon, partially obscured by gilt clouds. Surmounted with a small Ivory finial, finely carved as toads clambering over each other.
A hardwood stand which carries the vase is decorated with a gilt key fret motif and standing upon four stained ivory feet, carved as tree stumps and fruit.

Medium: Shibyama

Height:  13 cm, 5.12"
Width:  13 cm, 5.12"

Condition: Excellent original condition. No damage and no restoration.


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