Japanese bronze okimono. Bijin with child. Genryusai Seiya. Meiji Period.

A Japanese Tokyo school bronze okimono, by Genryusai Seiya, c. 1900. Meiji Period. Finely and amusingly cast as a domestic scene of a Bijin carrying her infant child on her back. The child playfully reaches to pull at her hairpin, with a smile on his face, as his mother tries to prevent him, with her right hand. In her left hand, she carries a kettle and a ladle.
The shaped base, with the cast seal mark of Genryusai Seiya.

Medium: Bronze.

Signed/Inscribed: Cast seal Mark of Genryusai Seiya

Height:  38 cm, 14.96"
Width:  18 cm, 7.09"
Depth:  13 cm, 5.12"

Condition: Excellent condition. No damage. No restoration.


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