Cristofle bronze casket - Emile Auguste Reiber.

A rare bronze casket, designed by Emile -Auguste Reiber for Christofle, Paris, c.1880. Finely cast in high relief with blackberries & leaves, naturistically enamelled, & finished with gilt & silvered patinations.
This casket shows the influence Far Eastern artefacts had on European decorative arts in the 1870s & 1880s. The International Exhibitions displaying Japanese Art, held in the 1860s, influenced many designers. Reiber, amongst others, became interested not only in the produce, but also the methods employed to create these items, & was lauded for his work in imitating production techniques. The renowned ébéniste Jean-Michel Grohé created two cabinets for La Païva. The Oriental influenced bronzes and enamels for these cabinets were manufactured by Christofle, where Reiber was employed as chief designer. Reiber that received great acclaim for a Chinese taste enamelled vase designed for & exhibited by Cristofle at the 1873 exhibition in Vienna, which was publicised as a "... meeting of East and West".

Medium: Bronze

Height:  17 cm, 6.69"
Width:  27.20 cm, 10.71"
Depth:  14 cm, 5.51"

Condition: Very minor wear to the gilded rims. Otherwise in excellent condition. No repair.


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