Chinese porcelain plate ‘The Romance of the Western Chamber’, c. 1725. Yongzheng Period.

A fine Chinese porcelain plate, c. 1725, Yongzheng Period. Beautifully painted in fencai enamels, with a scroll, depicting a scene from ‘The Romance of the Western Chamber’, of Cui Yingying waiting for Zhang Sheng, who has thrown his boots over the wall before climbing over, whilst hanging from the branch of a willow tree. The panel set against a whorl decorated border, containing panels of Buddhistic symbols, and flowering plants.
Diameter - 22. 3 cm, 8 3/4”.
Condition - Excellent. No restoration.

The scene is inspired by the woodblock prints, which illustrate the text from the famous Yuan dynasty play Xi Xiang Ji or 'The Romance of The Western Chamber', written by Wang Shifu.
An impoverished scholar Zheng Sheng and Cui Yingying, fall in love, a situation that does not meet with the approval of her mother who sends Zheng away to seek scholarly success, before she will allow the couple to marry.
Yingying is kidnapped by bandits, and subsequently rescued by Zheng Sheng, but her mother reneges on a promise of her daughters hand in marriage to whoever rescued her. However, they do eventually marry.
The plate illustrates one of the couple's clandestine meetings.

Medium: Porcelain.

Condition: Excellent. No restoration.


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